How to Maintain External Battery Pack
Jan 19, 2014

External battery pack another means power bank. It can bring great conveniences to your life,  so doing the maintenance can extend its service life and improve the quality of charging. However, Improper maintenance of mobile power charger will decrease power endurance and shorten useful life. Below are several details about normal maintenances to which should pay attention.

1, While charging the external battery itself, cut power off in time after full and don’t charge long time.


2, Try to choose good socket or plug for charging power bank.

3, People used to say that the battery power runs out, and then charging can make batteries longer life expectancy, this is a misunderstanding. Charging the mobile power unit must be according to the instructions on the manual before using. It usually states that user begins to charge once there is no power remain.


4, Don’t move the power to excessively expose heat or cold outside, and avoid the collision and rain and corrosive substances.


5, If don’t use mobile power long time, should at least charge and discharge one time per month.


6, If mobile power supply failure, should be sent to professional people with good experiences to repair. Do not assemble and disassemble by self.


7, Regularly clean each socket and it is best to use anti-static brush while cleaning


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