Good Selection Methods On External Battery Charger
Feb 19, 2014
The advent of intelligent digital age, enrich our fragmented time at the same time, the battery standby time is also becoming increasingly shorter. Your mobile phone, tablet and other digital equipment is not always the case also strike at a critical moment? The power bank emerged just solve this problem. But every year there are a lot of people in the process of using a mobile power battery explosion due to injuries. Mobile power choices related to personal safety is good or bad, but many people do not know how to buy.What brand of mobile power good? What kind of mobile power is safe?Today, I sort out several important factors for choosing external battery charges. You’re sure to get a satisfied external battery charge as long as you obey the suggestions I shared.

1. Safety: it is the primary and relative certificate: electronics certification like CE, ROHS or FCC. The product of the mobile phone external charge with the qualified certificate can be proved to conform relevant standards.

2. Capacity: because of the limitation of battery technology at market acceptance, the maximum capacity is not more than 23,800 mA. because the larger capacity mobile power is, the bigger the volume. We can see that there is a label written 30,000mA, 50,000mA, 60,000mA, and even 100,000mA with lower price and good sale. But here to tell you: If there are  manufacturers of such products, its volume will have a box of milk cartons. If the battery is a polymer, it will become greater. So the next time we'll see such a product, but the volume is very small, then it is definitely fake and shoddy products, and is a time bomb.

3. Price:  as the price becomes more and more transparent, we did a survey trough 10 factories, basically draw the cost here, 5000mA(7-9USD)、8000mA(10-12USD)、 10,000mA(14-16USD)、 16000mA(17-19USD) etc. If polymer battery, plus appropriate on the basis of 8-15 USD. if the appropriate capacity and the prices vary greatly, either fake and shoddy products, or that profiteers.

4. Battery: many power bank explosion is because its internal batteries short-circuiting, choosing a good cell is critical. However, the dealer will not let you take apart before purchase. Fortunately, this will be reflected in the price which, because of the explosion of the batteries is recycling used batteries, the price is relatively much cheaper, so according to Article 3, if the price difference is too big, or recommend not to buy.

5. 18650 cell and polymer cell: Lots of consumers concern this problem, this is because that, based on the advertisements of the manufacturers, polymer cell will not explode forever, while 18650 cell will explode. As we know, 18650 cell is the cell used by most of people across the world, in the notebook computer market, 18650 cell accounts for 90% of the market, while external battery charger has accounted 95% of the market. If 18650 cell will explode frequently, this product has been knocked out from the market earlier, actually, 18650 cell is the most stable and mature cell in the present market, while the polymer cell market is disorder now, only Japan can manufacture the polymer cell, the price sold to Chinese people is very high, while due to such reasons as patent and technology, our domestic manufacturers can only produce the product with similar shape but different internal properties, it is also called “soft package cell”. The external battery charger that been called as “polymer cell” in the market is the charger with“soft package cell”. At last, Will the polymer cell not explode really? Apple Iphone also adopts polymer cell, it will also occur cell explosion problems, therefore, whether the external battery cell will explode, the key doesn’t lie in the type of cell, but lie in selecting safe and reliable cell and adopting mainboard safety protection technology.

6. Mainboard: the key for whether the external battery charger will explode lies in protective board, whether there are relevant protective procedures for the protective board, basically, such procedures will be included in the Instructions Manual or Product Introduction provided by manufacturers.

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